Our initial MVP


We are a team of entrepreneurs in the JMU Business program trying to bring JMU fans a way to have clean, filtered drinking water on the go, while displaying their school spirit.

Get Your Drink OnEdit

Our initial MVP is a reusable, BPA free, plastic water bottle that features a carbon filter built into the nozzle, and a JMU logo proudly displayed on the side.  One of these filters can purify approximately 300 water bottles worth of tap water, reducing the users waste as well as providing them with clean drinking water.

Week 1 ProgressEdit

After developing several different product ideas, the positive feedback we received from the class about our filtered water bottle led us to further pursue the idea.  We started by finding a wholesaler who could sell us relatively small quantities of bottles at a reasonable price.  We identified two different retail outlets to sell the product through, the Bookstore and the University Outpost.  The Outpost was on board right away and agreed to sell the product once we can deliver them.  We have a meeting set with Mark Glenn at the Bookstore, to find out if they are willing to liscence out the JMU logo to us as well as carry the product.  We also plan to discuss screenprinters and who we could potentially use to put the JMU logo on our product.  Our next step will be engaging in customer discovery interactions, to find out if there is a viable market for our product.  Initial responses from friends and family have been positive, but we need an unbiased, honest pool of potential customers to survey.  We speculate that we will be able to get good responses from people at places like UREC, as well as people walking around campus in general.