MVP Evolution for Team 7 Fall 2012

Our team created stickers for laptops that are primarily made using a window cling material. The window cling material allows the sticker to be easily removed and replaced elsewhere without leaving behind any residue. Because the sticker is clear, it primarily used for Mac and other light colored laptops.

Our first mvp was Marilyn Monroe printed in black. For our second, we added two designs: Abby Road and "Got 99 problems but an "apple logo" ain't one". The third MVP was again additional designs adding "College of Business" as well as glasses/mustache. The fourth was adding color stickers and having to use a laqcuer spray to ensure the stickers did not smudge. Our fifth, and final MVP was try using a white matte sticker material. By using this material we are able to market to users of Dell and other computers that are black.