Day 3

WOW! that was fast. Here we are on the same day as blog day 1 and were some how magically on day three? Well like I said, there's been a lot going on and a lot to get you guys up to speed on. So, much to our dismay, product idea two was also a flop!

College Wood was going to sell Large Greek letters to fraternities and sororities, grand idea, right? NO! Similar to our first product proposition, we wanted to hurry up and get our product idea out to our potential customers. With much confidence we again eagerly pursued our customer discovery on campus. But, to our dismay, we quickly learned that similar to our first product; the idea was good but the demand was not. Customers told us that they had already had large letters and did not really need new ones; due to the fact they preferred to just reuse them. After recording much information and listening to the what our customers had said, we were able to find a common theme; they all wanted something that was more personal and something they could use and take with them. And thats where we came up with the idea of 12” letters capable of being hung on the desired surface of our customers.